Seven Advantages To Having Granite Countertops In Your House

Granite countertops have a classic look, and in addition to that, they are quite durable. This is the reason why everyone goes crazy over them. Granite is a surface that may provide both value and elegance to any room in the house, regardless of the cause of the update. Continue reading to uncover seven of the most important advantages that come with granite installation worktops in your next remodeled kitchen.

  1. Granite Countertops Are Unlike Any Other Material Available

Unlike synthetic surfaces, granite is made by nature. Each granite block features distinct fractures, swirls, and sparkles of sparkling iron particles. A showroom may have 10 slabs, all of which came from the same quarry, but each one would have dramatically different qualities. If you have a granite countertop in your kitchen, you are well aware that you have an item that is truly one of a kind.

  1. They Add Value To Your Home

Granite countertops and other high-end kitchen fixtures give the impression that your home is more modern and upscale. Granite countertops are appealing to prospective purchasers because they are aware that they will be obtaining something that does not require them to make any updates once they move in. The greater a home’s worth will be, the more turnkey features it will have.

  1. Granite Slabs Used For Countertops Are Exceptionally Long-Lasting

Prices, maintenance needs, and durability can vary widely depending on the kind of countertop. Granite gets a very high ranking for its hardness. This implies that it is more resistant to abrasions and accidental damage than the alternatives (especially marble). This is a really useful tool, especially for households with active members and kitchens with a lot of activity.

  1. Compared To Synthetic Countertops, Granite Has A Lower Environmental Impact

Natural stones, such as granite, are the more environmentally friendly choice for a countertop material when compared to synthetic stones like marble and quartz. This is because they require minimum preparation before they make it to your kitchen. The manufacture of synthetic materials is a more time-consuming and intricate process that frequently involves the use of hazardous chemicals and results in the release of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

  1. They Are Capable Of Being Repaired

Though granite countertops are incredibly robust, accidents happen. To your relief, granite countertops are typically repairable if they sustain damage such as cracks or chips. Filler materials may typically be used by a professional who repairs countertops in your area to restore the appearance of granite so that it looks as good as new. It’s wonderful to have that extra piece of mind in case of a heavy pot slips out of your hands or a glass jar falls from your cupboard while you’re cooking.

  1. Granite That Has Been Sealed Is Resistant To Stains, Bacteria, And Dirt

When selecting the ideal countertop, you can’t only base your decision on aesthetics alone. You will also need to think about how well it will resist messes caused by things like spaghetti sauce, red wine, and other liquids. During the process of preparing meals, it is essential to ensure that the counters do not become contaminated with the gross germs and bacteria that may be found in raw meat. All of these problems may be easily cleaned off of your granite countertops provided that they are properly sealed every year at the very least.

  1. They Can Withstand High Temperatures

Because granite is generated naturally by the application of pressure and heat, countertops made of granite have an inherent resilience to heat. Even while it is still recommended that you use potholders, you won’t have to worry about getting scorched as you would if you used other types of countertop potholders. To get further information, discuss the topic with a highly regarded countertop installer located in your area.