Get To Know All About Wicks

Wicks are the central part of any candle and there are many to choose from. You have to determine the right wick for you, depending upon various factors.

Consider the following factors when selecting the wicks in candle making kit:

  • Types of wax
  • The candle’s size and shape
  • Type of candle
  • If you love to use perfume
  • If you want to use a colouring agent

Here are the types of wicks available for your DIY candle-making project.

Wood Wicks

These are coreless, wood-based wicks. They are great for making container candles using soy or paraffin-based candles. However, they are not suitable as pillar candles.

Paper-Core Wicks

These candles are made out of natural fibres. They can burn very intensely and quickly. They are not suitable to be used in candles with additional fragrance. These are however a good option as a non-scented candle pillar, votive and container.

Zinc Core Wicks

These wicks can be used the most. These wicks are the most common. Because of their core, they tend to burn evenly and keep the wick stable. These wicks have a zinc core and are ideal for making medium-sized paraffin and gel candle.

CD Wicks

The CD wick is a favourite among those who wish to make a scented candle. The base provides consistent and smooth combustion in all waxes. This makes it ideal for creating a container candle, pillar or votive.

Wicks From Eco Series

These are specifically made for natural candles, but they also work well in paraffin. These candles burn with lower levels of soot and smoke than those made from paper core due to the unique braiding. These are suitable for both pillar or container candles.

What Is The Best Method To Melt Candle Wax?

Melting candle wax is possible in several different ways. One way to melt candle wax is to use a Double Boiler. The other option is to use just a Microwave.

A Double Boiler

Double boiling uses heat from boiling to melt something that is placed on top of a container. It can be done with a hotplate, or in an oven. A double boiler doesn’t necessarily have to be purchased. However, you can make it yourself using a pot along with a heat-resistant dish.

  • You can melt your soft wax using a double boiler
  • Fill the saucepan 3/4 full with water and bring it to a boil.
  • Place your wax in a heat resistant bowl and place it over the simmering hot water.
  • Stir the wax using a wooden spoon.
  • The water doesn’t need to boil continuously. You are free to add water as necessary to prevent the water from boiling or too hot.
  • Thermometers can be used for temperature monitoring. For melting the wax, keep it below 180oF
  • After adding colour and aromas, heat the wax to 160°F. Before pouring into containers.


  • Microwaving is another way to melt your wax. It is easy and simple.
  • Follow these steps to safely melt wax in a microwave.
  • You can put a small amount in a microwavable container.
  • Heat on medium/high for 1 minute.
  • Mix the mixture.
  • Microwave once more for 2 minutes.
  • Continue mixing until the mixture attains 180oF.
  • If you wish to add flavour or colour, wait until the wax reaches 150oF. If the colour isn’t uniform, you can heat it and stir it.
  • The mixture should cool down before being poured into a container.
  • The whole process should take 5-10minutes, depending upon the amount of wax being melted.