A Guide to Different Kinds of Keyless Door Locks for Interior and Exterior Doors

There are numerous keyless entry systems to choose from due to the increased need for high-quality building security. The most successful keyless business entry system is determined by the size of the building, the level of security required, and the desired system capabilities. Proximity key cards, biometrics, mobile credentials, key fobs, or a mix of these are the most popular types of company access management methods, which we will understand in detail below –

Types of Keyless Locks

Keypad Locks

An electronic keypad having a deadbolt is included in the SmartCode keypad deadbolts. These keyless locks for houses and offices combine the convenience of keyless entry with the increased visibility of a back-lit keyboard. Installing, programming, and using SmartCode keypad deadbolts is simple. This is a wonderful option when you want a keyless lever or handle set with a bar lock, especially if you want to make access easier.

At Access Hardware you will get keypad locks from Emtek at an affordable price. They also have other keyless entry system for homes and offices from brands like Emtek, Baldwin Estate, Baldwin Reserve, and Yale. They deliver anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. you will complete information about the locks and the brands on their website, which makes purchasing easier. 

Touchscreen Locks

If you’re a busy homeowner or a parent with children who are always on and off, touchscreen keyless door locks for your home will change your life completely. It will allow you to accomplish more with less effort. You don’t have to worry about bringing your key around with you when you use touch keyless access locks. To gain access, approved users must only enter a code on the touchscreen.

Mobile Access (Bluetooth Enabled, Deadbolts with Z-Wave)

Your smartphone serves as the key to this type of keyless access. App-based access control is rapidly gaining popularity since it is more convenient and often safer than traditional keyless door entry for homes and offices. People are less likely to forget or lose their smartphones than a key card. Another advantage of keyless door entry app-based systems is the flexibility to customize the options and functionality to specific security requirements.


Flex-lock keyless locks make it easier and more secure to manage entrance to your front, side, and back doors, as well as garage entry doors. You can use the flex-lock function to set the lock to mechanically relock after five seconds of inactivity. You simply want access codes that may be created and removed at any moment. 


Auto-lock keyless locks mechanically lock after a predetermined amount of time (for example, three or five seconds) has passed since they were opened. Each type of keyless door lock is simple to install and operate.

Keyless entry locks are available in a variety of types, ranging from the simple functional for offices to the unique statement pieces for homes. There’s a design and functionality to suit every style and purpose, and they’re available to fit external or interior doors. Don’t be hesitant to secure your home or office by switching from a manual lock to a keyless lock.